17 Members of "Los Chachos" were arrested

17 Members of "Los Chachos" were arrested

The Attorney General`s Office of the Republic of Mexico (PGR) announced charges on the 17 people arrested during and operation on September 27, 2004. The individuals arrested were Elías Beltrán Ortíz, Samuel Félix Medina, Marcos Gilberto Borquez, Esteban Mellado Félix, Federico Echavarría López, Juan Millón Urbina, Jaime Martínez Ponce, José Martínez Sáenz, Gaspar López Félix, Gumaro Herrera Martínez, José Manuel Uriarte Arango, Marcelino Morales Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Valenzuela Villalba, Jesús Alfonso Lizaraga García, Jesús Alberto Zazueta Beltrán, Juan Carlos Machado León and Óscar Rogelio García Pérez. They are being charged with violations of organized crime, possession of firearms and ammo that is strictly for military us only. The items seized from them ranged from 21 automatic rifles, 16 semi automatic guns, 12 grenade launchers, grenades and 3 vehicles. Within the 17 arrested was Oscar Rogelio Garcia Perez, the half brother of the deceased Dionisio Roman Garcia aka "El Chacho" who was the leader of a criminal organization called "Los Chachos". "Los Chachos" operated from Nuevo Leon to Tamaulipas and were associated with the cartels from Jalisco and Sinaloa that were headed by Joaquin Guzman Loera and Arturo Beltran Leyva.

In 2003 other members of "Los Chachos" were detained after a clash between them and members of the Federal Agency of Investigation (AFI). The arrested individuals were José Benavides Martínez, Juan Calixto Ramos Vázquez, José Silverio Martínez González, Juan Erasmo Rodríguez Martínez, Erick Rolando Pérez Pérez, Mario Gómez Escamilla, Mario Álvarez Carrillo and Juan Manuel Muñoz Morales. During investigations after that incident it was discovered that "Los Chachos" were part of the organizations of "El Chapo Guzman" and Arturo Beltran Leyva. It was confirmed after the arrest of Armando Valencia Cornelio when he was apprehended along with Eloy Treviño Gracia, Arturo Peña Muñoz, aka "El Flaco Peña", Germán Ofer Rosales, Miguel Ángel González Ruelas and Leonardo Pérez Nieto who were all members of "Los Chachos" that were under the protection of Juan Manuel Muñoz Morales who was the Agent of the Public Ministry of Mexico. Muñoz Morales is now in "La Palma" Prison.

The violence in Nuevo Laredo is due to the presences of "Los Zetas" and "Los Chachos" who have declared war on each other to control "the plaza" that allow them to carry out their activities and transport drugs into the U.S.

Los Chachos being transportedAFI Transprting

Los Chachos

Inmates wiating to be transported

Los Chachos en Tamaulipasmember of the organized crime group Los Chachos

Los Chachos en Tamaulipas

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