Two subjects arreted with 331 kilos of cocaine

A truck carrying 331 kilograms of cocaine was intercepted by police Saturday in the central Pacific town of Esparza and its two drivers were arrested, according to a statement from the Public Security Ministry.

The ministry's Drug Control Police received confidential reports indicating that the trucking route from the Pacific port of Puntarenas to nearby Esparza was being used to traffic drugs at night.

The truck, which belongs to a seafood company, was stopped at about 6 a.m. near Esparza. Inside it, police found bags containing a total of 331 kilos of cocaine. They also seized a semi-automatic gun and 28 bullets.

The two men arrested were identified by the last names Gómez, 26, and Sánchez, 45, both Costa Rican.

The packets of drugs were wrapped in latex, which was "visibly deteriorated by the humidity," leading police to believe they could have been floating out at sea, the statement said.

Police suspect the Puntarenas-Esparza trucking route is being used by international drug traffickers to carry drugs delivered to the port by boat to a warehouse in Costa Rica, where they are eventually sent along to another destination.

This drug seizure marked the second in Costa Rica in as many days. On Friday, Costa Rican Coast Guard authorities found 40 kilos of cocaine in a Colombian boat seized on Dec. 22, 2006.

At the time, more than one metric ton was found aboard the 30-foot boat and the two Colombians and one Mexican who were aboard it were released by the prosecutor assigned to their case.

Since then, it has been sitting at the Coast Guard station in the northwestern Guanacaste beach of Playa Flamingo.

Police were draining the boat Friday after it had filled with rain and, hidden inside it, they found 40 one-kilo packets of cocaine, the statement said.

So far this year, police in Costa Rica have seized about 25 tons of cocaine.

Source: Tico Times

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