746 pounds of cocaine found by border patrol in Texas

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector
seized over 700 pounds of cocaine yesterday. The value of the
cocaine is over $23 million.

The seizure occurred when Border Patrol agents assigned to the
Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station performing line watch duties,
witnessed illegal activity in SalineƱo, Texas; a small community
located about 12 miles west of Rio Grande City, Texas.

As agents monitored the area, they noticed a blue Ford F-150 truck
approach the edge of the Rio Grande River. The agents observed
several subjects load numerous bundles of possible narcotics onto
the truck. As the agents identified themselves as Border Patrol
Agents, all subjects fled back to Mexico by swimming across the
river. The agents then secured the truck and discovered 30 bundles
of cocaine with a combined weight of 746 pounds.

The value of the cocaine is $23,872,000. No subjects were arrested
in connection with this incident.

The cocaine was turned over to the Drug Enforcement
Administration. The blue Ford F-150 was seized by Border Patrol.

Source: US Customs / Border Patrol

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