Drug Kingpin from Tennessee arrested in Mexico

Drug Kingpin from Tennessee arrested in Mexico

Notorious cocaine and marijuana drug dealer Craig Petties was
arrested with a female companion in the state of Queretaro in
Mexico.  Three other people involved with Petties were also
arrested.  Petties had been wanted for over 5 years.  He was
believed to be hiding in Mexico and indeed he was.  He had
previously been featured on America's Most Wanted and he is the half brother of the famous rapper DJ PAUL of rap group Three 6 Mafia who won an oscar in 2006 for a song they performed on the movie "Hustle and Flow".  

Petties was arrested on January 11, 2008.  On January 16, 2008 Petties was sent back to the U.S.A. and arrived in Memphis on January 18, 2008.

Petties was originally indicted by a federal grand jury in the
Western District of Tennessee in 2002 (Case No. 02-20449).
Since then, particularly in 2007, the case has been significantly
expanded. The indictment in Case No. 02-20449 was superseded
in November 2007. The following defendants were charged (along
with Petties) with conspiring to distribute cocaine in violation of 21
U.S.C. § 846: Vacha Vaughn (aka V-Dog), Demetrious Fields (aka
Meat), Clarence Broady (aka Killer), Ricky Evans (aka Big Rick),
Marcus Brandon (aka White Boy), Clinton Lewis (aka Goldie),
Fermando Johnson and Carlos Whitelow (aka Lizard). The
conspiracy count alleged, among other things, that the
conspirators negotiated with other cocaine traffickers in Mexico,
Texas, Mississippi and Memphis for the purchases of large
quantities of cocaine, that they managed and organized the
delivery of various quantities of cocaine from Texas into the
Western District of Tennessee, and that they attempted to kill
other persons to facilitate continued drug trafficking and to
prevent others from cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

The superseding indictment included three counts charging
Demetrious Fields and Orlando Mays with conspiring to use a
facility in interstate commerce (a cellular telephone) with the intent
that the murders of Vacha Vaughn, Greg Jones (aka Grego) and
Marcus Howell (aka Head) be committed as consideration for the
receipt of money, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1958(a). Orlando
Mays was also charged with possessing a firearm after a prior
felony conviction in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g).

All of the defendants indicted in Case No. 02-20449 have now
been arrested. This investigation has also led to seizures totaling
approximately $2,962,046, including $633,577 in cash and 40
vehicles. During an operation on November 23, 2007, (discussed
below), the agents seized $209,150 in cash and 17 vehicles.

In addition, other indictments have been returned as part of this
investigation, and several arrests were made in November 2007.
For instance, Fermando Johnson, of Southaven, Mississippi,
(charged with Petties and others in Case No. 02-20449) was
arrested on November 23, 2007. In connection with that arrest,
Kimberly Washington was arrested and charged with aggravated
assault after she fired shots at officers executing the arrest and
search warrants. Ricky Evans (also charged in Case No. 02-
20449) was arrested in Dallas, Texas, on November 23, 2007.

On November 22, 2007 there was an arrest arising from this
investigation in Mexico. Christopher Hamlet was arrested by
Mexican Governmental authorities near Mexico City. The arresting
officers seized an AK-47 style assault rifle and $729,894 in cash.
Hamlet was indicted by a federal grand jury in the Western District
of Tennessee on July 23, 2002 (Case No. 02-20259) and charged
with narcotics and firearms violations. Hamlet is incarcerated in
Mexico pending disposition of a request for his return to the
United States. A motion in Case No. 02-20259 filed by the
Government alleges that Petties was the head of a significant
narcotics distribution network responsible for distributing
thousands of kilograms of cocaine in the Western District of
Tennessee and that Hamlet was a member of the Petties drug

Previously, in a related investigation, David Warner was arrested
by the Mexican authorities in July 2005 and returned to the
Southern District of Mississippi to face federal narcotics charges
there. Warner had been included in the U.S. Marshal’s Top 15
List of Most Wanted Fugitives. On September 12, 2007, Warner
was sentenced in Case 04-00022 (S.D. Miss.) to 270 months

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