California Highway Patrol arrest Robert Chernochan with 66 kilos of cocaine

California Highway Patrol arrest Robert Chernochan with 66 kilos of cocaine

It was a Sunday morning on September 30, 2012 when truck driver Robert Alan Chernochan pulled into an inspection facility in Cottonwood, California.  Chernochan had been heading north on Interstate 5 with the intentions of delivering a load of auto parts to Canada before he entered the facility for what he thought would be a routine inspection.  However, what Chernochan didn't know was that the California Highway Patrol were utilizing drug canine dogs to assist their inspections that morning.  The California Highway Patrol would soon discover 66 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a specially made false compartment in the tractor trailer's frame rails.  The 54 year old truck driver would soon be a 54 year old inmate at the Tehama County Jail.  

Robert Chernochan was charged with transportion of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, and use of a compartment to hide a controlled substance.  The wholesale value of the cocaine that was seized was over $3,000,000.

Perhaps even more interesting than this large drug bust is the connection between Robert Chernochan and a Canadian named Greg Cyr who disappeared on October 26, 2003.  Cyr was 40 years old and living in British Columbia, Canada when he vanished.  A year prior to his sudden disappearance, Cyr had set up two companies through a firm named TrustNet which provided assistance in offshore tax haven services in the Cook Islands.  Although Cyr was supposedly a drywaller by profession, he set up a company named Sentinel Holdings to purchase a home in Victoria, British Columbia that was valued at $1.5 million dollars.  This home is in an exclusive waterfront neighborhood, near the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and Golf Club.  The tractor trailer driver known as Robert Chernochan who was just busted with millions of dollars worth of cocaine which was headed to Canada, apparently used to be a real estate agent as well.  In fact, Chernochan was the realtor and friend of Cyr which involved the mutli-million dollar house in Victoria that Cyr had purchased with the suspicous company.

According to Cyr's ex-wife Miriam Byrne, he was a caring father to their son.  Cyr claimed to Byrne that he was a changed man from his younger days, although, Cyr had once admitted to Byrne that he had shipped marijuana from British Columbia to the Canadian city of Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada.  Reports show that Cyr was actually born with a different name.  Greg Cyr had actually been born with the name of Brent Thurston.  Cyr went by the name of Brent Thurston until he ran from a narcotics possession charge in Manitoba in 1998.  When Cyr moved to the Yukon ara, he changed his name to Gregory Cyr.  There were also reports that Cyr was involved with the Hells Angels gang.  

In 2010, Byrne was finally able to get the Canadian Courts to declare Cyr dead which allowed her to be able to collect a possible life insurance claim on Cyr.  However, the Vancouver Police Department still lists Cyr as missing.


Chernochan was later sentenced to five years and 240 days incarceration for transporting cocaine.

**The dated photos below are from the "missing person" known as Greg Cyr, former name of Brent Thurston

"Gregory Cyr" missing person from Vancouver, Canada Greg Cyr was born Brent Thurston

Greg Cyr with young son James Cyr

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