USCG Seized 3,300 Kilos of Cocaine

USCG Seized 3,300 Kilos of Cocaine

The United States Coast Guard Cutter Legare seized 3,300 kilos of cocaine in two separate interdictions stops in the Caribbean Sea.

The first seizure was March 15, when the Cutter pursed a small fishing vessel. During the stop, the vessel caught fire and sank. However, all the passengers aboard were saved. Due to the suspicious active of the crew of the fishing vessel, officials searched the area and located 97 bales of cocaine. The bales contained almost 2,400 kilograms of cocaine.

March 19, a second seizure of cocaine occurred. This time, the Cutter Legare pursed a go-fast boat, occupied with five Colombian nationals, in the southwest Caribbean Sea. An armed Coast Guard helicopter was launched to stop the boat. Several warning shots were fired from the helicopter, however, the boat continued to flee.

It wasn't until the boat’s engines were shot that the boat finally stopped. The smugglers then began to throw 900 kilograms of cocaine from the boat. A law enforcement team boarded the boat and arrested all 5 suspects.

A total of 3,300 kilos of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $110 million, was seized. The cocaine was offloaded April 15, at the Coast Guard Base in Miami Beach, Florida.

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