$229,782 hidden in a mattress heading to the D.R.

$229,782 hidden in a mattress heading to the D.R.

Customs and Border Protection officers Monday arrested a 28-year-old male while processing passengers and cargo departing for the Dominican Republic for apparently attempting to smuggle more than $200,000 in cash inside a mattress.

CBP officers noticed abnormalities in X-ray images of a mattress while inspecting cargo and passengers departing on the Caribbean Express to the Dominican Republic. Detailed inspection of the mattress revealed several bundles of currency hidden between the coils. A total of $229,782 was seized and the passenger was arrested.

Customs and Border Protection in Puerto Rico has seized more than $1.6 million during the first 23 days of fiscal year 2008.

"Customs and Border Protection officers work diligently to detect smuggling ventures both entering and leaving the United States," said Marcelino Borges, CBP's director operations. "Undeclared currency commonly is the product of illegal activities, and seizing it has a negative impact on criminal organizations."

Source: U.S. Customs/Border Patrol

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