Record Heroin Seizure of 39 kilos of Heroin in Metro-Atlanta area

Record Heroin Seizure of 39 kilos of Heroin in Metro-Atlanta area

On Tuesday, July 31, 2012, Drug Enforcement Agents arrested three Mexican drug traffickers for trafficking large amounts of heroin and methamphetamine.  Law enforcement officials raided a stash house locate at 4041 Megan Road in Duluth, Georgia and recovered what is believed to be a record amount of heroin for the Metro-Atlanta area.  These arrests resulted in the seizure of 39 kilograms of heroin (86 pounds), nearly 5 pounds of meth, approximately 2 million dollars in cash, and numerous firearms.  The illegal drugs were found hidden in holes behind drywall and a refridgerator.

This seizure in Fulton County, GA is believed to be related to an August 2011 seizure of 36 kilos of heroin and 4 million dollars in Cobb County, GA.  The Atlanta area has become a major hub for significant Mexican drug traffickers.  

The arrested subjects were identified as Carlos Soto-Pineda (32 years old), Bardomiano Renteria-Salazar (35 years old), and Raphael Lee-Ochoa (20 years old).   All arrested subjects were being held at the Gwinnett County Detention Center, pending indictments by the Fulton County Grand Jury.  Officials estimated the seized heroin to be valued at approximately$5 million dollars and the meth to be valued at approximately $132,000.

Bardomiano Renteria-Salazar mugshot     Carlos Soto-Pineda     Raphael Lee-Ochoa     

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