Three arrested in North County, NY for heroin distribution

Three arrested in North County, NY for heroin distribution

The Franklin County District Attorney announced that police arrested three subjects for running a heroin and marijuana distribution network in northern New York State, following a three month investigation.  The three subjects that were arrested were identified as Angela Mulverhill (30 years old), Randy Hart (25 years old), and Chad Gilman (22 years old).  Law enforcement officials conducted search warrants which resulted in the seizure of numerous heroin bindles which were already packaged for sale.  In addition, police seized a stolen Glock .45 pistol, nineteen pounds of marijuana, approximately $10,000 in cash, and brass knuckles.  

Law enforcement officials believe that the trio were involved in making almost daily trips to Massachusetts to obtain the heroin.  The heroin was packagled in bindles inside of wax paper with the individuals packets that were stamped with a symbol.  This particular manner of heroin packaging is consistent with the way that heroin is packaged in heroin mills that are commonly found in New York City and surrounding areas.  The trio were all charged with criminal possession and intent to sell.

Glock .45 Pistol  Money Seized from Drug Traffickers $9,400

Heroin Packaged for re-distribution   Stamped Heroin Bindles

Angela Mulverhill Mugshot Photo from Arrest  Randy Hart Mugshot Photo from Arrest  Chad Gilman Mugshot Photo from Arrest

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