Father and Son arrested with 165 lbs of mariuana

The West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force made a significant marijuana seizure on Interstate 40.

A special agent arrested Abel A. Vidal, 48 years old, and his son, Abel J. Vidal, 18 years old, both of McAllen, Texas, after they confiscated 81 bundles of marijuana from the pickup truck in which the two were traveling. The defendants' vehicle was stopped for a speeding violation while traveling on eastbound I-40 in the construction zone near the I-240 interchange. After receiving consent to search the vehicle, the agent called for a narcotics detecting canine. The dog gave a positive alert for narcotics, and the vehicle was towed to the Drug Task Force's east office where agents found the packages of marijuana in a false compartment of the truck's camper top. The total weight of the marijuana was 165 pounds, which has a wholesale value of approximately $165,000. Both defendants were charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture, deliver, or sell.

Source: Shelby County District Attorney General

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