Trooper finds 400 lbs of marijuana in a semi-truck

Trooper finds 400 lbs of marijuana in a semi-truck

A routine traffic stop made by a Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Tuesday led to the seizure of approximately 400 pounds of marijuana. The driver of the truck has been charged with the manufacture, possession and intent to sell marijuana. He has been identified as George Pizarro, 35, of Hollis, New York, and is being held in the Smith County jail. Traveling with Pizzaro was his nephew, who is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

Trooper Greg Tramel stopped the tractor-trailer near the 254 mm along I-40 in Smith County on a routine traffic stop. After receiving permission to search the inside of the truck, Tramel's K-9 unit alerted him to a pallet of boxes that was different than the rest of the load. Tramel called in Trooper Shannon Brinkley for assistance. Inside the boxes, Troopers Tramel and Brinkley discovered between 300 and 400 pounds of marijuana packed in neatly covered shrink wrapped bundles.

The truck, which is registered to Eagle Eye Trucking of Wilmington, Delaware, was traveling from Vernon, California to Freemont, Pennsylvania with a cargo of picture frames.

Source: Tennessee Department of Safety

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