Subject arrested with 337 pounds of Hydroponic Marijuana

LEWISTON, N.Y. Border officials say they seized 337 pounds of marijuana valued at one million dollars from a truck driver entering the U-S from Canada.

On Sunday, U-S Customs and Border Protection arrested Amarjit Singh, a citizen of India with resident status in Canada. Agents say he crossed over the Lewiston Bridge port of entry with a shipment of commercial grow mix destined for Alabama.

Officers scanned the shipment using the Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System, a passive inspectional device using gamma-ray technology to produce a high-resolution image of the truck's contents. The scan showed something suspicious.

A physical inspection led to the discovery of 14 boxes hidden in the bales of grow mix. Agents said the boxes contained more than 300 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana.

The hydroponically grown marijuana had an estimated street value of over one (m) million dollars.

Singh was arrested on federal charges of importation and possession with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Source: NBC 3 WSTM

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