Over 3,000 lbs of marijuana seized during two incidents in the Tucson Sector of Arizona

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agents from the Tucson Sector seized more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana in two separate recent incidents.

The first incident occurred Wednesday, when agents patrolling in the area of Mt Washington, approximately 13 miles south of Patagonia, observed footprints in the dirt. The agents followed foot "sign" up the trail until they encountered a large group of individuals hiding in the brush. When the agents identified themselves, the individuals absconded, leaving behind 16 bundles of marijuana. The total weight of the bundles came to over 1,026 lbs.

The second incident occurred early Thursday morning, when agents patrolling near the town of Vaya Chin encountered a vehicle covered with a tarp, parked underneath a power line, on the Tohono O'Odham Nation. Further inspection by the agents revealed 105 bundles of marijuana inside the vehicle. Record checks on the vehicle indicated that it was reported stolen out of San Diego. The total weight of the bundles was just over 2020 pounds.

Source: US Customs/Border Patrol

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