Florida interdiction teams seizes 325 lbs of marijuana

On Tuesday, 4/10, the Florida Highway Patrol Interdiction Team stopped a vehicle on I-75 occupied by two Hispanic males. A K-9 dog made a positive hit on the car and a search ensued. No drugs were found, but a hidden compartment was located.

Agents from HIDTA were notified and conducted interviews which led to two houses in Marion Oaks that were being used to store drugs. Surveillance was set up on the houses and two other Hispanic males were stopped and interviewed. One of the residences was empty, but the other did contain drugs. A search warrant was obtained for a house at 4329 SW 169 Lane Rd where approximately 325 pounds of high quality marijuana with a street value of $728,000 was located in the bed of a Ford F-150 truck. Agents also discovered plastic used for wrapping kilos of cocaine. No other drugs were located in the house.

Arnolfo Cruz Benitez, who lived at the house, was taken into custody for Trafficking inMarijuana. The other 3 men were taken into custody by Border Patrol due to all ofthem being illegal aliens from Mexico.

Agents also confiscated $1,400 in U.S. currency and the Ford pickup truck.

Arnolfo Cruz Benitez (Date of Birth 5-26-1977) was arrested.

Source: Marion County Sheriff's Office

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