360 pounds of marijuana from backpacking smugglers

Border Patrol agents assigned to Yuma Sector's remote "Camp Grip" apprehended nine subjects and six bundles of marijuana, late Friday morning.

About 11 a.m., agents assigned to the Wellton Station apprehended one illegal alien near the "Camino Del Diablo" road. CBP pilots responded to the area near the apprehension and began searching the area for additional individuals. Five miles north of the initial arrest, the CBP pilots observed eight subjects attempting to hide under some brush - a short distance from the individuals, one of the pilots found six backpacks lying in the desert.

Ground agents responded to the discovery and found six marijuana bundles in the backpacks; they took custody of the subjects and narcotics.

The marijuana's total weight is about 360 pounds with an estimated value of $288,400.

All eight subjects found near the drugs will be prosecuted by the Border Patrol - the first subject that was arrested was determined to not be part of the smuggling group.

The marijuana was turned over to the Pima County Sheriff's Office.

Source: US Customs

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