Counter Narcotics Alliance seized 660 pounds of marijuana

On August 18, 2008 Detectives of the Pima County Counter Narcotics Alliance along with the help of a DPS Officer and a Tucson Police Officer, stopped two vehicles in the Tucson area. When the vehicles were searched, they found 320 pounds of marijuana in it. Alexis G. Cueto of age 29 and Terril A Lundeen of age 54 were arrested. The information they received during the traffic stop lead to a search warrant of a home on South Creekwood Ct in Tucson. When the home was searched officer found a additional 340 pounds of marijuana along with $4,500. Selso J. Villalua was arrested at the home. All three subjects received multiple drug related charges. The total amount of drugs seized that day was 660 pounds of marijuana.

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