164 lbs of Marijuana seized from a vehicle

On March 9, 2009 an Arizona DPS Officer saw two vehicles on State route 90 speeding. When attempting to stop the first vehicle, a 2005 Malibu the vehicle sped up to flee. Later the vehicle stopped and the again the vehicle attempted to flee going at times speed over 100 mph. The driver then flipped the vehicle when he attempted to make a turn at high speeds. The driver was flown by helicopter to the Tucson Hospital for injuries. Inside the vehicle the officer found 164 pounds of Marijuana. The driver Eliodoro Diaz Castro, 24 years of age, was treated for his injuries and sent to the Pima County Jail for possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of Marijuana for sale and felony flight. The second vehicle was a Chevrolet pickup truck and was stopped by Benson Police Department. The Passenger Francisco Javier Hernadez Martinez, age 33, was the owner of the Malibu. Hernandez Martinez and the driver of the truck Ramon Aguiler Cota, age 25, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to transportation of marijuana for sale. The driver was also charged with possession of cocaine and driving under the influence of cocaine.

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