1,232 lbs of marijuana seized during several Traffic Stops

On August 10, 2009, officers from the Arizona DPS Highway Patrol, Canine Unit, Detectives from the Gang & Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM), and Detectives from the Santa Cruz County Metro Task Force participated in an ongoing, federally funded interdiction detail in Santa Cruz County. The purpose of the operation was for the interception and suppression of criminal activity along the US/Mexico border and surrounding areas.

49 traffic stops were conducted over the 8 hour detail. Vehicles were stopped for various traffic violations consisting of unsafe lane usage, following too close, unlawful speed, etc. From those 49 traffic stops, 5 resulted in significant marijuana seizures. All 5 vehicles were searched after officers made contact with the occupants and identified indicators consistent with individuals involved in criminal activity. Eventually, the vehicles were searched for contraband and the marijuana was discovered.

The vehicle that the most marijuana was found in was a 2007 Nissan Station wagon that contained 459 pounds of Marijuana. A 2005 Mercury four door sedan had 371 pounds of Marijuana and a 1997 Oldsmobile contained 316 Pound of marijuana. The vehicles with the least amount of drugs was a 2000 Buick sedan with 29 pounds and a 2003 Chrysler four door sedan with 57 pounds.

Officers seized a total of 1,232 pounds of marijuana, and detectives from the Santa Cruz Metro Task Force are conducting follow-up investigations as a result of the arrests and seizures.

Source: Arizona Department Public Safety

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