Six suspects arrested & 400 lbs marijuana seized in Phoenix

Upon receiving information on a potential drop house for illegal immigrants, IIMPACT officers proceeded to watch a house located at 7905 W. Campbell Street. The detectives started out arresting two people leaving residence in a SUV. Afterwards two more individuals were arrested attempting to escape out of the rear of the home. A strong aroma of marijuana was noticed emitting from the residence. A search warrant was issued. Officers proceeded to investigate their speculation of the presence of marijuana. Once inside, officers discovered 18 large bundles of marijuana hidden in a closet and some additional marijuana that was being cut up and prepared for sale.

A total of six suspects arrested. Four hundred pounds of marijuana and a SKS assault rifle and two semi-automatic handguns seized. The charges pending against the detainees include possession of marijuana for sale and misconduct involving weapons.

The arrest and seizure was made by a joint effort of IIMPACT, the Phoenix Police Department and the DPS HIDTA Narcotics Unit.

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