Father and Son arrested for Marijuana trafficking in Estacada, Oregon

Father and Son arrested for Marijuana trafficking in Estacada, Oregon

On July 13, 2013 an alert employee at a trucking company in Clacakamas, Oregon informed the police of a suspicious pallet of "freight".  The employee of the trucking company had recently attended a training session on drug interdiction of freight shipments.  The employee noted that the freight shipment was over-packaged.  The shipper of the package was identified as 60 year old Clark McNutt.  Authorities learned that Clark McNutt was trying to send the freight to New York where he was also going to pick the shipment up.  A drug K-9 dog named "Kilo" alerted to the odor of illegal drugs coming from the freight shipment and a search warrant was obtained.  After the execution of the search warrant on the freight package, 39 pounds of marijuana was found inside.

Freight Shipment of Marijuana 

The investigation of the freight package did not stop with the discovery of the 39 pounds of marijuana.  For several months, the Clackamas County Interagency Drug Task Force continued to investigate Clark McNutt.  On October 14, 2013 the task force executed a search warrant in the area of the 39000 block of Delph Ridge Road in Estacada.  This operation resulted in the seizure of 130 pounds of processed marijuana, 229 marijuana plants, and 5 firearms (2 rifles, 2 handgunds, & 1 shotgun).

The father and son duo of Clark McNutt and his 24 year old son Timothy McNutt were arrested.  The McNutts were charged with manufacturing, distributing and possession of controlled substances.

Father Clark McNutt (on left) and his son Tim McNutt (on right)

Guns and Marijuana seized in Estacada, OR

Clackamas County drug K9 with marijuana

Marijuana inside of Freight Shipment

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