Father and Sons arrested with Marijuana, Pills, & 17 Firearms

Father and Sons arrested with Marijuana, Pills, & 17 Firearms

The Maine Drug Enforcement agencent and the Buxton Police Department recently arrested a father and his two sons for various charges related to a variety of drugs and firearms that were seized following the execution of a search warrant.

On December 6, 2013 at approximately 6:00 PM, officers of the Buxton Police Department arrested Dale Pinkham Sr. and Dale Pinkham Jr. at their residence, 68 Hurlin Smith Road. The father and son each had outstanding arrest warrants stemming from an altercation they were involved in earlier in the week. During that altercation Pinkham Sr. assaulted a man while Pinkham Jr. discharged a firearm into the ground in the vicinity of the same man. No injuries were reported.

Buxton Police Officers thorough investigation into the assault revealed information that resulted in agents drafting a search warrant for illegal drugs and firearms believed to be at the residence.

Pinkham Sr. is a convicted felon and prohibited from having firearms. After the Pinkham’s were in custody, agents and officers executed the search warrant. As a result, 20 grams of raw heroin, 30 Methadone pills, 5 pounds of processed marijuana, $4,500 dollars cash and 17 firearms, to include 6 handguns were seized. Other items indicative of drug trafficking were also seized.

At the residence at the time of the search warrant was Raymond Pinkham who was in possession of a handgun that had been reported stolen in Biddeford.

All three Pinkham’s were transported to the York County Jail for processing where bail will be set. Additional charges are expected in the future for all three men.

The father, Dale Pinkham (53 years old) was charged with "Assault and Possession of Firearms by a Prohibited Person".  His son, Dale Pinkham Jr (23 years old) was arrested for "Reckless Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon (firearm) and Aggravated Trafficking in Schedule Drugs (heroin)".  Another son, Raymond Pinkham (20 years old) was charged with "Theft by Receiving (stolen firearm)".

Dale Pinkham Sr. mugshot photo  Dale Pinkham Jr mugshot photo

Raymond Pinkham mugshot photo

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