33.5 pounds of Crystal meth seized during 2 different traffic stops

During a two day period Arizona DPS officers seized 33.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine with a combined wholesale value of $536,000. The seizures were the result of two separate traffic stops. Once the crystal meth is processed and ready for street distribution the value would have then been worth $1.5 million.

Details revolving around the first traffic stop occurring on January 27, 2010 are as follows; An Arizona canine officer stopped a white dodge pickup truck for an equipment violation on Interstate 10. After the driver consented to the officer performing a search of the vehicle, the officer discovered 18.5 lbs of methamphetamine in a firewall of the truck. The driver was identified as Abel Ortega-Alvarez.

The Second traffic stop involved a gentleman by the name of Aureliio Valverde Ramirez. On January 28, 2010 Ramirez was stopped driving a passenger vehicle on Interstate 17. The officer requested permission to search the vehicle and the driver complied with the request. The search resulted in the seizure of fifteen pounds of methamphetamine that was concealed in a false floor of the vehicle. Upon his arrest Aurelio Valverde Ramirez was charged, his vehicle was seized along with $904 US dollars. It was later established that the drugs were destined for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Both drivers were arrested and charged with felony drug possession and transporting.

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