Checkpoint on I-15 Results in seizure of Meth and Cocaine

On the morning of Monday, March 3, 2014, a vehicle was stopped at the I-15 checkpoint in Temecula, California. In this incident, a canine sniff alerted to a 1997 Honda Accord driven by a 21-year-old male U.S. citizen.

Upon searching the vehicle, agents located 19 bundles of cocaine and methamphetamine hidden inside all four of the Honda’s doors. The cocaine weighed in at 16.87 pounds and the methamphetamine weighed in at 18.74. The estimated street value of these narcotics is $219,310(meth) and $168,660(cocaine), respectively.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office took both the vehicle driver and the narcotics into custody. The U.S. Border Patrol seized the Honda Accord.

Over this two-day period, U.S. Border Patrol agents seized a total of 48.05 pounds of narcotics, valued at $630,940, at the I-15 checkpoint.

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