12.24 Pounds of Methamphetamine Seized in San Clemente, CA

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, U.S. Border Patrol agents stopped two 32-year-old males in Ford F-150 at the Interstate 5 checkpoint in San Clemente, California.

Although the driver was identified as a United States citizen, the Mexican national passenger was unable to produce verification that he was within the U.S. legally. After additional questioning, the passenger confessed to being in the county illegally.

An resulting canine search of the vehicle alerted to the presence of narcotics. Further inspection of the truck located a tool bag beneath the bed cover. The bag was found to contain bundles of methamphetamine. More bundles were also located in the natural cavities of the truck.

In all, 12.24 pounds of methamphetamine, valued at approximately $122,400, were seized. Both the men, the vehicle, and the narcotics were handed over to the Drug Enforcement Administration to further investigate the incident.

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