Scott Spencer Sentenced to 8 Years, 2 Months in Federal Prison

A Big Island man was sentenced in U.S. District Court yesterday to
eight years and two months in prison for his role in a drug ring that
used cattle feed bags and female couriers wearing adult diapers to
ship 19 pounds of crystal methamphetamine into Hawaii.

Scott Spencer was facing at least 15 years, eight months in federal
prison under advisory sentencing guidelines. But "he cooperated,
and I think the judge gave him a fair sentence, given all the factors,"
said defense attorney Sam King Jr. U.S. District Judge Michael
Seabright also ordered Spencer to serve four years of supervision
by the U.S. Probation Office upon his release.

Spencer, considered a major distributor, pleaded guilty in July to
conspiracy and a firearm violation involving a handgun that was
found in his backpack when he was arrested in February 2006.
The drugs were brought in between September 2004 and March

According to court documents, co-defendant Jose Diaz shipped
more than 20 pounds of methamphetamine packed into five bags of
cattle feed in shipping containers. Of that shipment, Spencer
received 12 pounds and paid $140,000.

Because Diaz was having too many problems shipping drugs using
that method, he switched to female couriers between California and
Hawaii, court documents said.

The drugs were packed into Kotex diapers -- commonly used by
adults with incontinence. The remaining seven pounds Spencer
received in February and March 2005 arrived through this method.

Another co-defendant, Elias Jauregui, was sentenced to 20 years.

Source: Debra Barayuga Star Bulletin

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